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Yoga Combines Your Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul


Jungle Immersion:  Jungle yoga is total immersion living the yogic lifestyle (complete with toilets and shower accommodations), with two people to a tent. The location is 2500 feet above sea level which means no mosquitoes.  SatyanandaYoga yoga and meditation spaces are provided. There is also a kitchen and dining area. Regardless of a few modern ...

Oy Vey Yoga


You might not have heard of Oy Vey Yoga before, but if you’re anything like me, you might already be an Oy Vey Yoga Professional. Oy Vey is part of a Yiddish phrase: oy vey is mir. I use these expressions to mean: You’ve got to be kidding or I can’t believe I’m doing this. If you’re not ...

Sweets for the Sweet


This morning I was a guest speaker for a social service organization. I’d been asked to talk about “How Not to Gain Weight” while traveling. As people arrived, one particular woman hovered around me, reminding me of a helicopter parent waiting for me to do something very bad. I decided to be proactive and asked ...