Please be my Valentine, please be my volunteer.


valentine chocolatesHallmark and candy companies turned Valentine’s Day into a touch feely, kissy-huggy chocolatey event. It all

started out in a rather gruesome way with the Romans executing two different men named Valentine on February 14 in two different years. The Catholic Church labelled them martyrs and created St. Valentine’s Day. Both Chaucer and Shakespeare referred to St. Valentine’s Day romantically in their writing and during the Middle Ages people created paper cards to show they cared, which Hallmark took to a whole new mass production level no one could have ever previously imagined.

To me Valentine’s Day is every day. Love is literally in the air and everywhere for all of us to enjoy and celebrate.
There are all kinds of relationships, not just adult couples. I still remember the joys and agonies of passing out Valentine’s Day cards in school and still have a few of them. I think
I just love all the hearts – those housing the chocolates with the surprises in the middle and decorating the mushy cards.
It makes me want to heart all my i’s, but I don’t need it to be February 14 to celebrate all of the people I love and want them to know that I am thinking of them.

Ruthie signs her cards “Hugs, Love and Kisses,” not original but very nice. My friend Naomi’s signature includes “Because we love you soooo much!” When my niece Emily was five years old, she woke up one day and announced, “My kisses have all dried up.” She refused to kiss anyone. My brother, her father was irritated. Her mother and grandmother (my sister-in-law and my mother) giggled because Emily was so cute. I wrote a book, The Queen of the Kisses, followed by Queen of the Kisses Meets Sam Under a Soup Pot. Books of love, hugs and kisses, perfect for all ages, especially for Valentine’s Day and available personally autographed for those you love.

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