Connect With Others and Give Back


MLK Day is traditionally celebrated as a National Volunteer Day. Many communities organize 100s of ways to give back. I polled three children to see how they plan to use their day off from school.

Sylvia, 9: There’s no school on Martin Luther King’s birthday so that we can do something good for other people. My grandfather used to live with us but now he lives in a special home where there are lots of different people to help him. On Monday I will spend the whole day playing cards and reading books to him and his friends.

Tyrone, 7: Every year we clean up the toys we don’t use anymore and donate them to Goodwill and a homeless shelter.Volunteers

James, 6: We have a garden at the end of our street. Monday we will clean it up for the winter and in the spring, we will plant ours and one more, usually somewhere else, not very far away, where people want a garden on their corner.

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