Jungle Immersion:  Jungle yoga is total immersion living the yogic lifestyle (complete with toilets and shower accommodations), with two people to a tent. The location is 2500 feet above sea level which means no mosquitoes.  SatyanandaYoga yoga and meditation spaces are provided. There is also a kitchen and dining area. Regardless of a few modern day conveniences, the true achievement is actually living within the jungle while learning ancient yogic rituals.

Contact: Yoga Republic, 885 Jakatwadi, Amboli 416532, Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra, India,  dr.xeke@gmail.com, +91 2363 240243; http://www.yogarepublic.org

Pricing: Jungle yoga is 3,000 rupees per night ($46.55).  Meals are prepared by a gourmet chef. A physician is available if needed. Purified (unpolluted) natural spring water is provided.

Yoga Republic also offers:  For groups of up to six people, Shanti Darsha is the instructors’ home which accommodates students who want to learn how to integrate yoga into their daily activities and lifestyles.

Interesting: The location is near the village of Amboli, known as one of the greatest places on earth to experience the monsoon. Yes, a wild, wet, and wonderful adventure.

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