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1. Do I need a big chunk of vacation time to do Immersion Travel?

Immersion Travel can add interesting dimensions to an afternoon’s excursion, day trip, weekend, week or longer adventure. You can make it whatever you like by getting involved in some way. I check the free community bulletin boards whenever I arrive in a new place. I’ve served cake at a community wedding in Stehekin, WA, helped paint a house in Long Island, NY, read sonnets on the Town Green to celebrate literature, and perform and donate my children’s books to schools and libraries everywhere I travel.  What would you like to do?

2. What makes an Immersion Travel trip Immersion Travel?

Immersion Travel encourages travelers to think out of the box to become involved through volunteering, working, advocating, playing, teaching, learning and engaging with the locals.

3. What is a volunteer vacation?

Voluntourism, or volunteer vacations, incorporate visiting new places with giving back. Volunteer Vacations Across America is the first book devoted to volunteering solely in the United States.There are more than 200 trips volunteering with people, communities, wildlife, the environment, and national treasures.

4. Do I need to be physically fit?

Whatever you choose to do, your health and capabilities need to be considered in the planning stages. Some of the trips are physically challenging and others are not. Always ask for a sample day’s schedule, if there are arrangements for special needs if needed, and how strenuous the activities.

5. Does Immersion Travel cost more than a standard vacation?

Not necessarily. Immersion Travel enhances standard vacations by adding more activities and options without adding to the costs. In fact, many Immersion Travel experiences include a stipend, room, board, trade of services or hourly pay.  Many volunteer vacations are tax deductible.

6. Is the only way to take a Volunteer Vacation with a group or a sponsoring agency?

No, you can often plan your own volunteer vacation; however, there are some organizations that offer certain activities not otherwise accessible.  For example, Earthwatch partners with ongoing scientific research projects that need, train and use volunteers on a rotating basis.

7. Are there Immersion and Volunteer Travel trips for singles?

Yes. The information on this website and in the book, IMMERSION TRAVEL USA, will help you decide where you want to go, what you want to accomplish and provide you with the know-how you need to create or identify great trips for singles, friends, children, teens, and extended families too.  For many of the trips, you join in on a group; perfect for singles without any extra single traveler charges. Immersion Travel trips are for everyone. They can be personalized and streamlined to meet your needs, challenge your abilities and expand your horizons at any and every age.

8. How do I find Immersion and Volunteer Travel opportunities?

The best resources for Immersion Travel are the website,, and the books IMMERSION TRAVEL USA and VOLUNTEER VACATIONS ACROSS AMERICA. The newest, updated version of IMMERSION TRAVEL USA should be available in time for the holidays 2015. All of these books are available signed by the author through this website or on