Sheryl Kayne: Young Adult and Children’s Books Author

Young Adult Fiction

Here Today, Bipolar Tomorrow. One hour after she received her driver’s license, sixteen-year-old Leeza Jasper pushed the accelerator of her father’s new BMW to ninety miles per hour to embrace the two-hundred-year-old weeping willow tree in the center of Westport, Connecticut’s sedate Town Green. After years of imagining what it would be like to wrap a car around a tree, she finally knew. A three-week hospitalization to heal her body was followed by seven weeks in a mental hospital in Westchester County, New York to evaluate, analyze, and medicate her brain.

Here Today, Bipolar Tomorrow is Leeza’s story of what life is like after being diagnosed with mental illness and experiencing a mental hospital. Her father can’t deal with it. Her mother refuses to give into it. Her sister runs away from it. Leeza’s greatest allies are the friends she finds online and the wildlife she comes to know and love surrounding her home.

“This book reminds me of Charlotte’s Web for teenagers,” says Denise, a Fairfield County, Connecticut eighth grader. “I loved Pootsie the best.”


Picture Books And Easy Readers

queen of kisses by sheryl kayne
Queen of the Kisses. The kiss alarm siren squeals “Help Kiss! Help Kiss!” when word arrives that Emily’s kisses have all dried up in New York City. Queen Theresa boards her kiss mobile with its full supply of biodegradable flying kisses to restore Emily’s kiss ability. (Theme: Love, Hugs, and Kisses. Picture book through age 8).

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queen of kisses meets sam under the soup potQueen of the Kisses Meets Sam Under a Soup Pot.
Grandma has a plane to catch from Chicago to Florida. Sam knows that Grandma cannot possibly leave until she kisses all of her grandchildren goodbye—which is exactly why Sam hides under a soup pot. No kiss, no go, granny-o, until Queen Theresa flies in to save the day. (Theme: Love, Hugs, and Kisses. Picture book through age 8).

Personalized and Autographed copies available in the store.



Children’s Book Titles Coming Soon

Melissa’s Meltdowns. This read-aloud picture book portrays Melissa and her rather explosive behavior. It doesn’t take much to melt Melissa down, but she’s resilient, resourceful, and forever bouncing back. (Theme: Meltdowns. Learning new skills. Picture book through age 8).

Just Can’t Sleep. Waking up too early in the morning is a universal problem for many young children and their parents. This book explores the childhood solutions to when the body clock just doesn’t jive with the rest of the world; fortunately, the moon’s magic messages demonstrate how to best enjoy the night and welcome the morning sun. (Theme: Learning new skills. Picture book through age 8).

That Nerdy Weirdo is My Brother. From the first day of school, Mrs. Evan’s third-grade class lined up by their windows to watch the special-needs students arrive at Lafayette Elementary School. Danni tried hard to stop the mean things some kids said but they shouted her down and shut her up, until the day she figured out how to be heard, remembered, and never forgotten again. (Theme: Accepting other people. Ages 5 through 10).