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I didn’t talk until I was six weeks past my fourth birthday when my mother dragged me to yet another child psychologist. Dr. Cederbaum changed the course of our family history. His directions were very clear: “Stop responding to her pointing and grunting behaviors.” Mom and I stopped for lunch after our appointment. The waitress asked me what I wanted to eat and I responded, “Salami and eggs with plain toast, no butter, and a limeade please.” Our stories are our lives. Ideas come from living and this blog is for writing them down. Feel free to make suggestions on writing topics of interest to you.


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Where can you find updated Immersion Traveler® information, exciting, relevant to today’s travel trends that simply is not shared in an online marketing pitch? Right here! The brand new edition of Immersion Travel USA, geared directly at today’s Immersion Traveler® is in the works and will connect you with wonderful communities’ immersion activities, volunteer opportunities, local fairs, parades, fundraisers, community projects, history and culture. Read all about it and plan your next trip.


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I am a FOODIE. I love to eat, I love to cook, and I love to feed other people. My best friend Meryl says, “Whenever Sheryl says where to eat or what to eat, I just say yes.” The Weigh It is columns are all about food, fitness and diet humor. If you’d like to reuse any of The Weigh It Is content, just be sure “By Sheryl Kayne,” appears as a credit and send me an email to tell me when and where it will appear along with a connecting link to: If you’d like an original The Weigh It Is column written on a particular foodie related topic, let me know! In the meantime, enjoy this calorie-free, high fiber, dietary fare.