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Welcome to My goal is to be writing, creating new products, and helping others write, speak and publish.

Visit often to enjoy famous author’s writing quotes, contests with prizes, interviews with working writers, and the book-in-progress.

Contribute to What do you call your Grandma or Grandpa? and enter to win a free, autographed book of your choice. Share the names that you called your grandparents, your children call their grandparents, or your grandchildren call you!

There will be news of my publishing plans, along with updates on a new edition of my award-winning travel book, Immersion Travel USA: The Best and Most Meaningful Volunteering, Living, and Learning Excursions; and two new travel books: Hostels to Hotels with Heart: Accommodations Around the World with a Volunteer Component and Wildlife Volunteer: What to Know, How to Help and Where to Go.

You will also find excerpts from a new work of fiction reflecting my lifelong interest in learning about physical and mental health. I love what I do and sharing it all with you. Check out the Valentine’s Day offer in the Store: Queen of the Kisses Books at 30% off for your Special Valentine!

Sheryl Kayne