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Welcome to It is a pleasure corresponding with my readers! Thank you all for your input and advice, helping me write and rewrite, create new products, and connecting with all of you through writing, public speaking and publishing. I’m always looking for alpha readers for new projects. If you love reading and providing feedback, please drop me a note at

With the summer upon us, the new contest is all about traveling of course! Have you ever been on a volunteer vacation? Would you like to go on one? Everyone can enter if you’ve ever been on one or not! If you have a favorite volunteer vacation, dream about taking one, or want information on a particular location, let me know! Submit where you would most like to visit to volunteer to help people, communities, wildlife, environment or national treasures and why. Two names will be drawn to win a free, 15 minute travel consultation with Sheryl Kayne or a personalized travel journal along with an autographed copy of Volunteer Vacations Across America. Just click the CONTEST button above to enter!

Coming soon will be news of my publishing plans, along with updates on a new edition of my award-winning travel book, Immersion Travel USA: The Best and Most Meaningful Volunteering, Living, and Learning Excursions; and two new travel books: Hostels to Hotels with Heart: Accommodations Around the World with a Volunteer Component and Wildlife Volunteer: What to Know, How to Help and Where to Go. I’m also looking forward to sharing my fiction and nonfiction reflecting my lifelong interest in mental health and well-being. There will also be excerpts from a new work of fiction on what makes a family a family and and raising children. I love what I do and sharing it all with you.

Sheryl Kayne